Diese Tänze tanzen wir:


  • 1 2 Snap: Maggie Gallagher; Snap - Rosa Linn
  • Corn: Rob Fowler; Corn-Blake Shelton
  • Dance like your are the only on - WH: Theresa Lawrence/Vera Fisher; Sun Goes Down - David Jordan
  • Green Green Gras: Harry Winson; Green Green Gras - Georg Ezra
  • Heavens Jukebox: José Miguel Belloque Vane/Willie Brown; Heavens Jukebox - Jaden Hamilton
  • Irish Boots: Ivonne Verhagen/Kate Sala/Jef Camos/Roy Verdong; Head Over Boots - Phil Dust, Jaron Strom
  • Mama And Me: Gary O'Reilly; Mamas - Anne Wilson,   Hillary Scot
  • Shake Off Your Shoes: Antun Orsiak; Linedanceparty - The Woolpackers
  • Storm And Stone: Maddison Glover; Storm And Stone - Run
  • Texas Stom: Ruth Elias; I'm From The Country - Tracy Byrd
  • The Morning after: Gallagher/O'Rheilly; The Morning After - Nathan Carter
  • Travelin' Soldier: Maddison Glover & Simon Ward; Travelin' Soldier - The Chicks
  • Waterfall: Maggie Gallagher; Waterfall - Michael Schullter, R3HAB
  • We're Good To Go: Rob Fowler; Good To Go (feat.Daphne Willis - LÒNIS
  • Whiskey`'s gone – WH: Rob Fowler; Zac Brown Band


  • 14 Gears: Sandra Schuler, Forteen Gears - Midland
  • A Cowboy and a Dancer: Metelnick/Biggs, Tracy Bird - A Cowboy and a Dancer
  • Cold Heart: Maddison Glower, Cold Heart Remix PNAU
  • Damn: Rob Fowler, Damn - Brett Kissel
  • Dim the Lights: Maddison Glower, the kind of love me makes-Luke Combs
  • Driven – WH: Rob Fowler, Drive – Casey James
  • In the Dark: Gudrun Schneider,In the Dark Purple Disco Maschine&Sophie and the Giants
  • Kill the Spiders – WH: Gaye Teather, You need a man around here – Brad Paisley
  • Knee Deep – WH: Metelnick/Biggs,Knee deep – Zac Brown Band
  • Paddy's choir:Gallager/O'Reilly, Place in the choir . Patrick Feeneye
  • Salt: Andrico Yusan , Salt – Ava Max
  • Stitch it up – WH:Robbie McGowen Hickie, Elvis Medley
  • Sweet Ireland: Gary O Reilly, Sweet Ireland – Green Lads
  • That old time Rockn Roll – WH:Lesley Clark, old Time Rockn Roll – Bob Seger
  • Thelma&Louise:Civa/Rossata, Thelma&Louis- Anna Bergendahl
  • Twist & Turns: Maddison Glowerm, Tomorrow never comes – Zac Brown Band
  • We Went:Kristina Kovatch, We went – Randy Hauser
  • Wintergreen:Maggie Gallagher,Wintergreen – East Pointers
  • Wrong direction: Gudrun Schneider,
    Wrong direction-lIse de Lange & Michael Schulte